Some brief history.

In 1951, Burton Hoovestol started running a straight truck for the United States Postal Service. From there Mr. Hoovestol expanded his operation. In 1978 Burton and Etheleen Hoovestol officially named their growing company, BECO INCORPORATED.In the 1980’s Beco expanded to the Denver, Colorado region from New Salem, North Dakota, hauling United States Mail and eventually merged into hauling general freight as well. Beco still has the original straight truck run that Mr. Hoovestol started in 1951. Today,  Beco Inc. employs over 350 employees in numerous states, helping the United States Postal Service deliver the US mail to postal facilities and general freight to our customers all around the country.


Beco Inc. is a family owned operation where we strive on providing safe, efficient and timely transportation services. We take full advantage of all resources, the latest technologies and quality personnel to ensure the delivery of our values as a company.”

Beco awarded top 50 mail carrier designation.

Driving for Beco.

Beco Inc. has two official locations, the corporate office is located in New Salem, North Dakota, while the main dispatch hub is located in Commerce City, Colorado. Beco Inc. has unofficial hubs in Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Kansas, and Nebraska.

On average the Colorado location has approximately 75 trips a day leaving their facility. During our busiest time of year, November to December, known as the Christmas rush, Denver can expect to have an additional 45 trips leaving their facility at any given time. Due to mail running 24 hours a day, Beco Inc. also runs 24 hours a day. During the Christmas rush, even the Denver shop is operating 24 hours a day!